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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  August 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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every aspect of what you do. >> reporter: that means big ramps like vert ramps. the larger the vert, the harder it is. one of the big attractions is the mega ramp, 28 feet tall with a 2.5vert. everyone gets a chance to try it. >> not a lot of kids you can say i've skated the mega ramp. >> reporter: many of these kids are not experiencing campers' regret. >> it's amazing. everything is perfect here. >> it's fun. >> reporter: woodward has its finger on the pulse of what kids are into. that is a wrap on the 10:00. but the news continues. >> news edge at 11:00 starts right now. thank you for staying with
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us tonight. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. the news grand jury begins in the gulf of mexico, where tropical storm isaac is gaining strength. forecasters say it could become a cat 2 hurricane and possibly slam new orleans nearly seven years to the day of hurricane katrina. currently florida, mississippi, louisiana, and alabama are all under states of emergency. lawmakers in tampa have postponed the first full day of the republic national convention. that will start now on tuesday. >> for more on isaac's current path, let's go to gwen talbart in the weather center. what is the latest? >> we just got the latest updates from the hurricane center and not a lot of significant change from the last update at 8:00 tonight. it continues to churn across the florida keys. it's going into the warm waters of the gulf and upper air pattern continues to be pretty much the same. increase in speed the next 12 hours and it could make landfall anywhere from the
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texas and louisiana border, east to the alabama florida border. that's uncertain now. it's a well established upper level system. we haven't got a lot of change. we do have storm surge to be concerned with. now it's maximum sustained winds at 65 miles per hour. but tropical storm force winds extending out 205 miles. if you look at this track, you can see by monday evening, cat 1 hurricane. it's going to strengthen into a category 2 hurricane before it makes landfall. then once again, revert back to a category 1 as it hands over land and dissipates into a low pressure system. the cone of uncertainty is wide. where will it make landfall and will it stay on this track? seems like it shifts to the west more. the models are a little bit inconsistent with each other. but the majority of them continue to shift it to the west, and it's going to be steered more by a subtropical
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high pressure system that's there. that's one of the things we're watching and new orleans definitely has to keep their eyes posted. here's a look now at the watches and warnings. back to you. the republican national convention was supposed to start tomorrow, but tropical storm isaac has changed plans. now the gop is reshuffling and high profile guests are staying home instead. fox's craig boswell is live in tampa tonight. craig? >> reporter: maureen, good evening to you. they're putting the final touches on the stage now. they've shifted that script around. they've reshuffled many of the speakers. will get their message out. they say this convention will go on. they will nominate officially mitt romney thursday night. but they are keeping a close eye on isaac as it churns offshore. republicans are completing the final preps for the startup of the convention, even as isaac threatens to derail their plans.
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>> we're moving forward. we're nimble and we can make whatever moves we need to make. >> reporter: they're convening tomorrow, but will immediately go into recess until tuesday. primetime speakers scheduled to address the delegates monday, will be fit into the remaining days of the event, while those scheduled the rest of the week will speak during their previously arranged time. mitt romney is in new hampshire today to work on his speech. he says he's worried about those in the path of isaac, but not about changes to the convention. >> bunch of people that will be affected by it. great convention. >> reporter: isaac is forcing some high profile republicans to pulled out. >> as long as this storm threatens the public safet here in louisiana, i'm not going anywhere. i'm not thinking about the convention or politics. >> reporter: on the first day of the convention, which is now
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tuesday, the gop has flipped the script, holding the nominating roll call earlier than previous conventions and romney's speech will be on primetime on the same evening. back to you. >> lots of changes. craig boswell thank you. mitt romney campaign released its latest television ad. the president's campaign hitting right back. >> senator mccain would pay for part of his plan by making drastic cuts in medicare. $882billionworth. >> as president, barack obama cut $700 billion from medicare to pay for obama care. it's a promise that was made long ago. you work hard, pay in, your medicare benefits are guaranteed. but mitt romney would break that promise. >> it's worth noting that paul ryan budget plan kept the cuts president obama proposed. maureen? the news edge on maryland now, where a young child has
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suffered serious injuries after a car accident. the 7-year-old was in the car that crashed on middlebrook near 270 in german time. audrey? >> montgomery county police got the emergency call at about 6:40 tonight. >> reporter: when the first responders got there, they found a sickle car smash -- single car smashed into a pole. adult female and young child injured inside. the little girl who is seven, had to be airlifted to childrens hospital with serious injuries. it gets sadder. an investigator says it does not appear the little child was wearing a seat belt. the woman in the car was also hurt. she was taken to the hospital by ambulance. >> middlebrook road was shut down for several hours while accident reconstructors worked the scene. i got off the phone with montgomery county police and they tell me they have reopened the road. they have not released the
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names of those injured tonight. >> audrey barnes, thank you for that. gwen talbart keeping an eye on tropical storm, not yet hurricane, tropical storm isaac. gwen? >> absolutely. not a lot of changes so far. it is expected to become a hurricane. also, here at home, we've had active weather. i'll let you know what to expect for the start of your work week coming up. we'll be back after the break.       
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a very strong storm tonight across many of our areas. and as a result of that, a possible waterspout here in this video was spotted in cobb island today. a tornado warning was issued for charles county this afternoon. so far, the national weather service hasn't confirmed if that is a tornado. tornado warning came about at about noon today, for about half an hour. heavy rainfall in many of our areas with lots of lightning. things have calmed down. rain in delmarva, and lightning to the south. we had a little bit that was kicking up before in loudoun county. it's out of the way. i can't say we're out of the clear 100% for tonight yet.
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let's go to our weather maps and we'll show you what is happening elsewhere. we have a lot of moisture that's going to be pushing up from the south, as a result of this weak low pressure system. that is what will set us up for a chance of getting more wet weather into the course of tonight. we have this weak low pressure system here. next thing is a frontal system moving in from the west. a combination of these things happening leaving us a little bit unsettled. rainfall totals today, taken from earlier today. over .25 inches for reagan. same for dulles. bwi thurgood marshall, over 3 inches of rainfall. this is a record-breaking day for them. this amount breaking a record set back in i want to say 1984 or '74. that's where they had a lot of the heavier storms that moved through today. some of those storms crawled their way across. tucker barnes sent me a picture
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from annapolis, because they were getting a lot of water there as well. we could see some problems into high tide around our areas as well. temperature now, 71 degrees. humidity at 90%. light southerly wind flow. a little humidity pushing back in. be prepared for this. this is warmer air ahead of a frontal system. it's 75 at quantico this hour. 70 at dulles. same at manassas. 68 at gaithersburg. cooler to the west, and this is ahead of where the frontal system is coming through. that will be our next weather maker. cold front from the ohio valley. that will set us up for a chance of showers in the morning hours tomorrow, get a break. chance of storms in the afternoon. this will stall to the south of us. and we could see more storms into tuesday. we start to dry out by hump day on wednesday. tomorrow, 83 degrees by midday. 5:00, about 85 degrees.
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warm day tomorrow, though. be prepared for that. and humid. 70 the overnight low tonight. few showers. tomorrow, heating up to about 88 degrees. here's a look at the five-day forecast. temperatures into the mid-80s by tuesday with the storms. on wednesday, thursday, friday, finally back to sunshine. we're going to definitely stay on top of this and isaac for you as we'll have more in the morning. back to maureen and will. thanks, gwen. bring your water bottle to work tomorrow, right? >> i think you need a lot of stuff tomorrow to hunker down. that does it for us. always on >> nissan sports xtra is up next. >> be safe. bye. som think obamare is sa me asree health care. but nothing is free. obama is raiding $716 billion from medicare, changing the program forever. taxing wheelchairs and pacemakers. raising taxes on families making less than one hundred twenty thousand dollars. free healthcare comes at a very high price. the romney-ryan plan will restore medicare funding
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and protect and strengthen the program for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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